Megan Liberman to Leave Yahoo News After Sale

‘The New York Times’ veteran joined Yahoo News as editor-in-chief in 2013.

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Life Goals Are Important

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alt=”Life Goals Are Important”

title=”So I became a spaceship therapist instead.”

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In one of our last posts we mentioned we were going to be changing our name to something new, confusing, and entirely meaningless. We keep our promises around here and you may have noticed a new url tag on today’s post. Bookmark it, baby!

100 Lit 100

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alt=”100 Lit 100″

title=”This party is gonna be flames rocket flames, ya’ll.”

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I’ve been wondering lately if there’s an Emoji that has gone out of style. One that only old square people use anymore? I should probably just check to see which one I use most.

Planetary Migration

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alt=”Planetary Migration”

title=”Stupid smart rocket scientists.”

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There’s a fairly decent chance that we’ll be changing our name very shortly. We know that Doghouse Diaries is the greatest name any web comic has ever come up with, but we felt it was time to give another one a try. We intend to settle on a new name that is just as confusing an meaningless. Will keep you posted.

Ability Scores IRL

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alt=”Ability Scores IRL”

title=”With the 60 left over you can afford just slightly less frequent spontaneous nosebleeds.”

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As we mentioned in the sub-text of ‘We’re Back’ we’re giving text based pieces a try for the time being so that we were able to come back sooner than later. Rest assured that this will be a super awkward transition and we have little to no clue what we’re doing. However, we think it could be fun once we get the hang of it and hope you’ll be patient with us. If for some reason you do find yourself feeling grumpy, please direct any and all salt towards Raf as it will almost certainly be his fault.


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title=”The butter sandwich instantly becomes acceptable again if you put a bunch of sugary jam in there.”

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Thanks for the warm welcome back, everyone. It was awesome to get all the comments and messages from you. We’ll be posting one more comic tomorrow and then our new format after that 🙂

We’re Back

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alt=”We’re Back”

title=”And we’re not leaving this time. In fact, we’re moving in with you. Dibs on top bunk.”

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We’re Back! We missed you. Sorry it took so long.

As some of you have noticed, we?ve been dormant for a while now. It was a bummer, but we were at a point where free time was hard to come by. A few months ago we started talking about finding a way to get the band back together because it just stunk not doing this anymore. The ideas never stopped, it was just hard to find time to sit down and draw comics.

Now this may come as a shock to literally everyone, but we’re not the greatest at drawing. We’re actually not even very good at it. We are, in fact, the worst. It was one of the things holding us back from getting started again. Drawing the comics sometimes took hours for the simplest little sketch that should really only take 20 minutes for someone who’s a semi-competent illustrator. That’s why we decided to just get started again in the simplest form there is: written content. And we were actually surprised how much we enjoyed what we were making once we tried it.

We’ll be sharing some of the stuff we’ve been working on shortly. Until then, we’ll be whipping up a few standard style comics for you. We do plan to eventually expand to other mediums for our content again including comic form, but for now we’re kind of excited about the potential for this medium.

We’re happy to be back and thanks for sticking with us 🙂

Polyamory- The Future For (E).U And Me


Polyamory is on the rise!

According to OK Cupid 50% of users in 2015 were happy to consider dating someone who was already involved in an open or polyamorous relationship, a rise of 9% since 2010.

But before you all start rushing to the MakeMeScottish contact page, engagement rings in hand, I have some bad news for you. The UK has decided to buck the trend and opt for monogamy by divorcing itself from the EU. (If you consider monogamy to include a historical 4-way between Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England that is.)

The Scottish people are especially disgruntled by its enforced monogamy. After all, not only did the overwhelming majority of its free-loving population vote to continue a polyamorous relationship with Europe, many Scots voted against an independent Scotland in 2014 solely to safeguard their EU membership. With another independence referendum on the horizon, it looks like Scotland may well end it’s 300 year old wedding vows with the UK and get OK Cupid with the 27 other member states in the EU.

With that in mind it is worth contemplating whether having so many lovers leads to over complicated relationships.

Although I consider myself an expert on the matter (you need only look at my abundant Tinder resume to also make that conclusion) I have decided against creating a questionnaire poll of my accumulated dates to address the issue. Let us pretend it was in the name of time efficiency and impartiality, not technical complications involving restraining orders and blocked numbers… mainly my blocked number. You get the idea.

Eve Rickert, a bonafide poly expert and co-author with Franklin Veaux of More Than Two: A practical guide to ethical polyamory, freely admits that ‘poly is a lot of work [and] having a lifestyle where you enjoy casual sex and hook-ups is a lot less work.’ Indeed, the UK’s polyamorous relationship with Europe has certainly not been a ‘Netflix and Chill’ situation. Keeping the harmony between so many lovers has not always been easy task. However it has been a commitment which has aided positive international relations, enhanced trade deals, allowed freedom of movement, and most importantly, protected peace in Europe.

If polyamory is indeed off the cards, who will the UK turn to for it’s next hook-up?

Will Westminster be swiping right at a Trumped-up USA?

And if so, will Scotland take the necessary steps to forge it’s own poly path with the EU?

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