Frank, today I mailed off 2 years of secrets from the students at LM High School. You should be receiving 4 large manila envelopes full of secrets. Each one was posted to the wall outside my classroom. A wall that was visited by so many students, many whom were never in my class. Students would wait in anticipation for new secrets to be posted. They returned daily to read secrets they had already read many times before. Some posted notes of encouragement next to devastating secrets. The wall was powerful. It was respected. Oftentimes, the tape that held the secrets to the wall would weaken due to humidity and age and secrets would fall to the floor. Students would attempt to rehang the secrets. If that didn’t work, they would come into my room and ask for tape. 

This summer, LMHS will begin a renovation. My classroom and the wall of secrets is going to be torn down and My classroom will be relocated to the District administrative office building. I’m hoping to continue the wall in my new building or to find a new wall in an area of the old. I’m not sure exactly what will happen at this point. On the last day of school, my students helped to remove the secrets from their home of 2 years and package them up for you. Please treasure them, as we did.