We have kids and pets in our house, and everything from chocolate milk to vomit has seeped its way into our upholstery and carpet. The best way we’ve found to get rid of odors and stains is an enzymatic and bacterial cleaner called Anti Icky Poo.

Designed to get rid of pet urine odors, it seems to work on just about any organic odor or stain. We dry and clean the affected area as well as we can with paper or cloth towels, then thoroughly saturate it with the cleaner. The general strategy is to get it to the depth of the offending material so that it can break it all down – too much is better than too little – then keep the area from drying out while it does its work.

It works best on fresh stains, but by systematically injecting the liquid deep into foam fusions with a syringe and needle, we rescued a love seat that had been banished to an unused bedroom – both odor and stain gone. We’ve even had success removing dog urine stains from untreated hardwood floors.

It has a not unpleasant cover scent, which doesn’t seem to be related to its breakdown power.

— Kerry Payne

Anti Icky Poo


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