Tough boot laces are helpful in keeping your boots on your feet but also can be useful as a source of cordage in an emergency. Rhino Laces claim to be unbreakable and cannot be cut, burned, sawed, chopped or otherwise destroyed.

The Rhino Laces sites features testimonials of customers using the laces to fix broken brake lines on trucks, hang bear bags while camping & other difficult to believe situations. My use case was much more straight forward. The metal fittings on my motorcycle boots have always been rough on laces. Rubbing against the metal-reinforced eye holes as I tighten the boots caused the original laces to tear within the first 3 weeks. I bought a pair of Rhino Laces in hopes of finally finding boot laces that will last.

The high quality of construction is apparent right out of the package with heavy duty cordage with rugged metal tips. I’ve only been using them for a couple weeks now and I can’t confirm that they’re unbreakable but they seem to be holding up well so far and I’m hopefully that I’ve finally stopped the vicious cycle of broken boot laces.

Rhino laces are available in three colors (Spec Ops Black, Coyote Tan and Reflective Black) and come in nine different lengths. They seem like a good fit for military, first responders, hunters or anyone interested in a tough as nails set of laces they can trust. The only downside is the price. At $29 per pair, I’m hoping to see these outlive several pairs of boots.

— Jeff Chun

Rhino Laces – Unbreakable Shoelaces


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